Why train your dog tricks?

It helps you build a bond EASILY with your dog, using fun and treats, and all other training just seems to fall into place.

Why Treats?

Would you learn a new, complex task without some kind of incentive?  Why would you expect your dog to?  They like to get paid to do a job too!

BUT don’t worry that you will have to use treats with your dog forever.  You will wean your dog off the treats as they get more confident with the tricks or behaviors.

If you want to consistent, long-term training results, I recommend training with treats.

How do the treats go away?

You will actually be replacing food treats for another type of treat your dog likes such as being petted and praised by you.  You can let them play with a favorite toy after the trick.  Or accomplishing the trick can become the treat – dogs like to learn new things too!

Answer these questions:

  • Can you touch your dog all over? Head to tail to feet?
  • Can you put a harness on your dog?
  • Can you give your dog a bath?
  • Is your dog a wild child?

Trick training teaches your dog to like attention from you so they give it back. Your dog wants to be a part of your life. Your dog wants to please you but they often don’t understand what you want – you’re not speaking the same “language.”

Trick Training helps your dog learn how you communicate which will also help with many other behaviors.

Pleasing you can mean many things: staying on their dog bed while you eat dinner or bringing back a toy to play more.

Trick training your dog is not about the tricks. It’s about the bond you build with your dog.