Local Training Programs

(Available in Jacksonville, Florida and the Beaches)


Well-Mannered Dog Program

Imagine coming home to a dog sitting politely waiting to be petted instead of mauling you in “joy.”

Imagine your dog always comes when you call instead of treating you to a game of “Chase Me!”

What would the silence sound like if there was no more unnecessary barking for attention, or when the doorbell rings, or you’re talking on the phone?

Best of all, your dog can become the best friend you know is in there if they could just calm down.

We can help!

The Well Mannered Dog program includes:

  • A one-week stay (7 nights) with unlimited training for your dog.
  • Training is tailored to your needs – the commands and behaviors your dog needs to understand.
  • Two in-home training sessions with your dog and your family after the one-week training is complete.
  • Unlimited support via email, phone, text or Skype for six months.
  • A training appropriate leash and collar.

The age and temperament of your dog will determine the number of commands they can learn in one week.  The basic commands covered are:

  • Sit
  • Leave it (stop chewing on an object)
  • Off (no jumping)
  • Quiet (no barking)
  • No play biting
  • House training (training will need to be continued in your home)
  • Come (consistently come when you call under minimal distractions)

Amazing Dog Program

Imagine your dog sitting happily while you talk to a friend.

Imagine the pleasure of a nice loose leash walk instead of a tugging contest.

It makes you proud when your dog behaves.  It’s a comforting feeling knowing your dog will back to you when called.  It builds a true relationship with your dog when they understand what you are asking them to do, and you know they will do something when you ask.

It also helps your social life!  Your guests will be amazed when they come to your house after training and don’t have to brace themselves physically for the previous version of your dog’s “joyful greeting.”  You can relax when you take your dog outside. You know they won’t be bouncing at the end of the leash or dragging you across a street to greet another person or dog.

The Amazing Dog Program includes:

  • A two-week stay (14 nights) with unlimited training for your dog.
  • Everything included in the Well Mannered Dog program
  • Up to four bonus training sessions within the next 12 months for polishing up behavior

The age and temperament of your dog will determine the number of commands they can learn in two weeks. The basic commands covered are:

  • The commands listed for the Well Mannered Dog Program
  • Loose leash walking (no tugging or dragging)
  • Go to “a place” (a dog bed or mat)
  • Down
  • Any commands that are specific to you and your dog’s needs.

Dream Dog Program

We do all the work for you.  You get the dog of your dreams with little or no maintenance.


  • A life that no longer includes yelling or chasing your dog.
  • No more torn clothes or scratches from your dog jumping on you.
  • Your friends stop making excuses when you invite them over because they are not accosted (in the friendliest way) by your dog whenever they come to your home.
  • Your dog can lie contentedly on his bed or a mat regardless of what’s going on around him.
  • Walking your dog is a pleasure and a great way for you to bond instead of an exercise in frustration and anxiety.

The Dream Dog Program includes:

  • Three weeks boarding and training
  • Everything included in the Amazing Dog Program
  • All the work of training is done by us
  • Videos sent to you weekly of your dog’s progress
  • Your dog always listening to you.

The age and temperament of your dog will determine the number of commands they can learn in three weeks. The basic commands covered are all of those listed above in the Well Mannered and Amazing Dog programs.  We will also cover any specific behavioral issues your dog is having.

During training, your dog will be lodged at Club K-9 Jax.